The Portland Citywide Parks Team

The Portland Citywide Parks Team meetings provide a forum for information-sharing, education, and networking among people working and volunteering to make Portland's parks even better than they are today. 

The Citywide Parks Team partnership brings together many special focus groups and individuals, such as Neighborhood Association and district/coalition parks committees, "Friends of..." organizations, businesses, and so on.  It's also a place for people who don't otherwise participate in parks organizational discussions to add their voices -- for example, sports facility users, social and cultural service providers sharing building space, etc.   And it provides opportunities for liaison with the Parks Bureau, Parks Board, Portland Parks Foundation, and other stakeholders.  It's citizen-initiated, citizen-led, citizen-owned, and intended for all Portlanders who care about getting things done in and for parks in Portland.

We meet on third Thursdays monthly, at 7 p.m. in the Rose Room on the third floor of City Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  We don't have designated members or a formal committee structure, so drop in whenever you can.  It's a self-selected, ever-changing group, and we hope YOU will choose to participate.  If you're unable to attend the meetings, watch this web site, and/or sign up for the e-mail listserve or printed notices. 

Contact Linda Robinson,  Chair, at
with questions or to be added to the contact list.

Outcomes from the Parks Team forum will include increased common knowledge/understanding of accurate information about Portland's parks system, establishing a citywide system/repository for education and data on parks resources (physical and human), improved connection and communication with Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) staff and between multiple local parks advocates, and the capacity for forming independent subgroups as desired to work on specific issues.

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Portland City Wide Parks Team

Proposed Meeting Schedule
Third Thursday each month
Currently reserved: Rose Room, 

City Hall
1221 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR  97202
7:00 - 8:45 PM (or so)
March 16 --  Rose Room 

"Alternative Revenue Sources" for parks. 

We'll start with a short presentation by Portland Parks & Recreation staff, but will devote most of the meeting to a group brainstorming session on ways for the park bureau to increase its revenues -- especially funds that can be used for operations and maintenance.

We hope you will pass this notice on to others who might be interested in having input on this topic.

SEE: News4Neighbors

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Chinese Wingnuts in Hoyt Arboretum
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"Pests in Portland parks may be noxious weeds, invasive plants, problem insects, plant diseases, rodents or other organisms that cause problems in the landscapes under our care..."

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The Small Fruit Garden has Aronia; Autumn Olive; Blueberries; Chilean Wintergreen; Cornus Mas; Cranberries; Evergreen Huckleberry; Figs; Fuzzy Kiwis; Golden Raspberry; Gooseberries; Goumi; Grapes; Hardy Kiwis; Honeyberry; Huckleberry; Oregon Grape; Passionflower Vine; Pear; Persimmon; Plum; Pomegranate; Quince; Red Raspberry; Red, White and Black Currants; Rhubarb; and Seaberry. The Garden has been built with lots of volunteer time and energy. It is used to showcase both common and rare fruiting plants and as an education site for the people of Portland to learn about the many types of fruit not seen in the supermarket and the possibilities of using fruiting plants in the landscape. 

A Group Of Gardeners Working In The Small Fruit Display Garden At Brentwood Community Garden.
Southwest Trails

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