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May 17 , 2007
9:00 am

Rhododendron Gardens

Update!  the gates to garden are open from dawn to dusk.  They take fees at the entrance, starting at 10:00.  If one is earlier than that, just walk in.
So we meet at the parking lot to the garden...walk right in.  If they want fees as we go out, so be it, but I don't think so.
Then to Reed for coffee.  Probably the commons unless someone knows of a quaint place they like. 
The garden is on SE 28th, just one block North of Woodstock, across from Reed College.

I've started some  pages of walk descriptions and index pages to those walks.  Each page will have one or a very few walks on it and will include a map and maybe a picture or two.
Index to Lake Oswego area
Index to SW Portland
There were a lot more walk locations than I had remembered!
Index to Gorge trails on the Oregon side.
Trails that go to the top.
This list was made for a hiker we met on Christmas day, 2004

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