SW Walking Map
edition of 2005

1 pm, 11 Apr 2005


Redrawn map
1) The street in red is private and is now closed to public pedestrian use by the owner -- a chain-link fence was errected across it blocking pedestrian traffic.

2)  From 25th to Hamilton Ct is just a few feet: down a steep hill and through a hedge.  The trail down from Seymour Dr comes to 25th almost at Hamilton Ct.  (Here, I show much less purple line.)

3) I suspect that the private piece of street is between the middle and lower red lines, not the upper and middle?  There are several reasons to believe that.  (Note the south end of Carl Pl: an E-W line through there is an important boundary.)

Annotated map
SW Georgian is incorrectly labeled "AUDREY."

The end of SW High does not  have a trail going north from it.  The trail goes north from the end of SW Terrace, and there is a substantial, very steep hill from there up to High.   (However, the last time I was there, the owner of the house to the east of the end of the route had claimed the ROW as his garden.)

See the map of Broadway, Edgewood, Sherwood intersection below  (from the work orders for trail signs on Trail 6).

The ends of High and Terrace look more like this.

Redrawn map

There is no switchback on the trail up from Marquam Nature Park--there is a little wiggle where the trail is on a wooden causeway.

Original map
As shown on the SW Walking Map
Redrawn map
The path from Stonebrook into the park is concrete.  Also it does not start at the end of Stonebrook.

Annotated map
The trail into Quail Post at 30th starts from a cul-de-sac at the end of 30th and goes south for a bit, then turns to the east and follows the stream bed.  It does not follow 29th Pl as shown.

I'm pretty sure there's a path further south than the one with the question mark; I'm not so sure about the one with the question mark.

There are many more well-maintained trails in Maricara Park than are shown.   The one going east from the end of Maricara St at 30th is probably the one most used.  An important pedestrian connection thru the park is from the south end of 29th.

Annotated map
There's a barricade as shown in purple.  Vehicles can't get through.

Redrawn map
There is no connection from Moonshadow Ct to Orchid via 67th.  Unless they've been built in the past year, the streets shown in red don't exist.

There's a break in 62nd Dr at the County line.  It's barricaded to vehicles, but a pedestrian or bicyclist can get through

Redrawn map
I've shown a second street here.  I remember two to the east of Aventine Circus, but I don't know which one is Buddington.  The long one has the generally closed gate into Berry Botanic Garden.  The short one has access to that green area (park? church? meeting center? ??)

Original map
Only the most daring, extreme bicyclists will tackle the Sumerville trail.
The part in purple is street.
The steep, somewhat primitive trail is the green part north of the purple.
Redrawn map

It's Summerville, not Comus.

Annotated map
There's a break in 27th that should be shown.  Cars cannot drive through.

Annotated map
Years ago, we regularly walked from Alfred north to Wilbard along the 65th ROW (very steep between Huber & Wilbard).  However, the owners next to the route (which is the county & city boundary) have diligently worked to block pedestrian access.  Has any or all of it been reopened?

Redrawn map
SW 74th is a trail where it crosses the creek, not a street as shown.

There's a pedestrain route from the dead end of Landau(?) east to 72th.  There are several new ped routes in the lower, right part of this map that go with a lot of relatively new housing construction.

Annotated map
The route into the cemetery from (Grant) St is very short--along a garage wall.  (The street from Humphrey is the Grant ROW, but the residents don't think of it as Grant.)  The part labled "GRANT" on the map is Hewett Blvd (I'm pretty sure).
It appears that ODOT is currently building the extension of the bike path along the south side of  Hwy 26 from the west end of Pointer and going west of SW 75th.

Redrawn map
I've added several streets here (I think on the older map they were covered by legends.)  They are slightly bluer here on my map.

The red lines are trails (all paved, I beleve; some have stairs.)

There are many more trails to the east (not covered by this clip).

  The new street, with the trolley line, down to Riverfront Place is not shown.  It has a sidewalk.

Annotated map
In George Himes Park, on the trail between Iowa St and Terwilliger Blvd, the intersection is shown pretty inaccurately.  The stairs are more N-S oriented and are there to cross the gulch.  Walking up from below, we make a sharp turn to the left, drop into the gulch, then climb up the stairs to the trail above.  The map incorrectly shows the Iowa-to-Terwilliger route being the straight one:  at the intersection it's the other trail that's sort of straight.

The recently refurbished trail near Terwilliger is missing.

Idaho between 32nd and 33rd has again been blocked by the home owners.  Once again it's a ped route, not a street   See maps at bottom of page.

Annotated map
The path between Oregon Episcopal Sch and their athletic facilities is private (I'm pretty sure); it's often blocked by a locked gate; at the latitude of the word "Arranmore."
The demand trail going north off the end of Periander down to Upper comes and goes.  A few weeks ago it was gone. (Just north of Portland Heights Park.)
The stairs connecting 16th and Upper Hall are marked "Private, no trespassing" to a walker coming down from Upper Hall, but a walker coming up them from 16th will never see such a warning.  Interesting.  (Blue sign in top picture)
Windsor Ct at 58th Dr still shows street access (by auto) to Abernethy as being from Windsor Ct when it is actually from 58th Dr:  Way too much purple line!

Redrawn map
Concrete path missing: connecting end of Flower St to 65th (near Dover).

The road into Robson is private and is barricaded.

Redrawn map
Hamilton Way is missing: it's between Hamilton St and Seymour St just east of Scholls Fy Rd.
Far left edge of map:  Laurel and Maple streets have been blocked to auto traffic to Laurelwood; however, there is pedestrian access at Laurel through the fence into a park and ride lot, and there has been pedestrian access at Maple over large stream boulders.  (Local residents have made ped access at Maple progressively more difficult.)

Redrawn map
48th north of Iowa does not go through to Pendleton Ct as shown.  A piece of the street has been removed, but a pedestrian can get around the fence/gate.

(The restrooms and drinking fountain in Pendleton Park are at the west end, not the east end, of the park.)

The new trail in Woods Memorial Park is not shown--outlined in green here.  (The other trails are from a trail inventory made several years ago.)

From this map.

Note also the position of the gate on Woods Parkway.  The map brings the purple line far too much to the south.

The new trail  in Dickinson Woods is not shown--designated with red dots here.  See SWTrails Web site item.
The new Holly Farm Park (undergoing design discussions now) is not shown.  Its between SW Dickinson and Comus @ Capitol Hwy, just south of the Capitol Hill Library.

There's another new park between Capitol Hwy and Coronado just west of SW 53rd.  It's planning is behind that of Holly Farm Park.

Annotated map
The GPS-located trails are shown here in red.  I finally got some good GPS tracks (very difficult in this deep, steep canyon): the red lines have pretty good accuracy.

Note that the Goldy Corridor (the trail just below Sherwood Dr) does not have any switchbacks, especially just above the "Dr" lettering.  I would guess that the tight switchbacks on the trail further up toward Council Crest (and not shown) got mistakenly displaced to the east when the map was drawn.

Also, Goldy Corridor Trail is incorrectly shown as meeting the Gulch trail before coming to the branch that goes up to Marquam Rd.  It comes to the upper branch first, then drops down to the gulch trail.

Alternatively stated:  If you walk up (south) from the Water Drop (drinking fountain) at the end of Marquam St, the first--and only--trail to the right is the south end of the Goldy Corridor trail.  If you turn right onto that trail, you go up a set of steps and head north to the next trail junction, located just several yards from the steps: straight is Goldy Corridor and slightly left goes to Marquam Hill Rd.  The Walking Map is quite misleading here--very bad!

Annotated map
The State Parks map is here superimposed over our map--trails in dim pink. (Terwilliger bike path in purple.) Note the location of the road into the Nature House parking area.  I suspect that the road shown just to the north is the road to the caretaker's house.

The most important ped connection not shown on the SW Walking map is the Red Fox Hills Tr (southerrnost trail).  The trail from it over to the Englewood Tr is pretty important, too.  (Hey, part of it is missing from my map, too!)

The purple path is paved.

Superposition, like this, is a technique I use when making maps, especially when I also use GPS tracks and USGS topographic data.
SW 14th
between SW Marigold & SW Dolph Ct.

I should check this...I recall a break in 14th many years ago, but I believe the street was built when some housing went in.

Aerial photo (from PortlandMaps)
Map superimposed on aerial photo

Idaho between 32nd and 33rd has again been blocked by the home owners.  Once again it's a ped route, not a street. 

A couple of streets are missing: Nevada St between 31st & 32nd; Texas between 32nd & 33rd.

PortlandMaps photo of part of  the above area:

The two streets not shown on Walk Map are outlined in green.

The red cross-hatched areas are the dedicated streets which have not been developed.  The Walk Map shows these correctly (but most other maps don't).

Boundaries drawn from aerial photograph--PortlandMaps.

The black, red, and orange lines are respectively: street edges used to help locate the boundary of Hillsdale Park, the school fence located on the top of the plateau of the school playgrounds, and the Hillsdale Park boundary.  Most (orall) of the green lying outside the orange boundary is school property.

Note that the "trail" shown from Boundary to Kanan has many errors.  (It would have to jump the school fence at Kanan, it doesn't run directly N-S, it isn't really a trail for the south half--peds simply walk across the baseball diamonds, ...)

The light green, dotted line is the route of a new path constructed by SWTrails in the past few weeks.

added May 2, 2005

Southwest Community Center is located at northwest corner of Gabriel Park.  Note that a lot of the pedestrian routes near SWCC are in parking lot areas--parking for SWCC, the tennis courts, the "Water Shed," the summer dog off-leash area, etc.  I would think the four park parking areas should somehow be indicated.

The (paved) trail to SWCC from the picnic (and basketball - baseball - boomerang) area at the north center of the park is not shown. 

Dark trails are paved trails.

A little to the west of the end of Nevada Ct, near the center of the map, is a trail (it's a well-maintained gravel trail) coming from the park that ends before it gets to Nevada Ct.  The trail-sign work orders I'm making indicate that Trail #3 goes west from the end of Nevada Ct, across a grassy area (that's why no trail is shown there), and onto that that gravel trail.

Looks like this has been drawn on the new map as a trail, not a street, but the trail as shown is too short: it looks like a street that a car could drive on up to 37th from Spring Garden Ct. The adjacent property owner has rendered the street impassible for a considerable distance below (southeast of) the corner of Spring Garden and 37th.
This is the correction map of a couple of years ago -- except that I pushed the trail section of Vacuna even a little farther to the west.  You can drive much more of Vacuna west from 37th than you can drive east from 39th.
The green dotted line within the red overlay at Kerr Park is still a road (not a trail) as far as I know.
See map of Tryon Creek State Park above:

TheWalking Map indicates that an auto can drive from Boones Ferry Rd to 4th via Colony.  There's a fence across Colony at 4th which has a gate that is usually unlocked (but closed) to pedestrians. 

Map A is current edit.  The streets under the wording are worth showing -- Dartmouth and 72nd carry most of the traffic through here.  However, Dartmouth and 72nd both are not shown in their glorious completness.

Map B shows Dartmouth (E-W) and 72nd (N-S) more completely.  (I slipped in the streets under the lettering.)

There is a lot of construction of new streets and business activity in this area (even more in the blocks to the south), but I don't recall 70th intersecting Dartmouth.

This block of Capitol Hwy is as bad for walkers as any in the city: fast traffic, blind corner, and no place for feet.  It should be red.

Note those two short sections of trail, one on 51st at Capitol Hwy and one at 49th at Comus.  Both seem to be on public ROW, but when one walks on them both look as though the adjacent property owners consider that they are not public.  This is a common issue that needs a bit of attention (for example, the end of Terrace at High in the second map from the top of this page.).

Kelly doesn't go all the way from Brugger to Palatine Hill Rd: the part shown here with red overlay doesn't exist as street (nor can we find a pedestrian route there).

There is a new roundabout at the intersection of Palater and Terwilliger.


In the area of Grover and Naito Pkwy, a pedestrian walking alongside the motorized traffic toward the Ross Island Bridge approach goes through a tunnel under Naito Pkwy.  There are stairs from the two ends of that tunnel which take a pedestrian to the south up to the sidewalks along Naito Pkwy.  These two sets of stairs are not shown on the map.
The "path" from Vet Hosp Rd up to Gaines is a set of many flights of stairs.  It runs against the Nurses School, which is the large white building just under the words "VET HOSP" in the map to the right.  (That is, the direction it takes is somewhat off on the walking map.)

In the big red overlay there's a wide pedestrian bridge from Vet Hosp Rd past the parking structure and onward to the OHSU Library bulding.  It's outlined in red in the aerial photo to the right.  Also a set of steps plus path is missing--added to photo in yellow.

In the orange circle: 1) Why the two purple lines?  These are paved streets much like all the white streets shown on the map; 2) The 40-Mile Loop Trail is incorrectly shown, especially the way 12th connects to it. (11th doesn't extend south of Gaines.)  See map below:

This is pretty accurate

The trail is still shown on the Walking Map as coming up to Marquan Hill Rd (from the south), simply crossing and then immediately taking switchbacks down the other side of the ridge.  A pedestrain must walk the street about a block downhill (north), get to the outside of the barrier, and then take the trail a distance further north before it starts to switchback down the hill.  See the thrid row of pictures HERE(Here, the purple dotted lines at Gaines and 12th here were errors on the the earler Walking Map, and the map on the right is not a corrected map, but merely the map on the left with the actual trail locations superimposed in black.  The map on the right does seem to show what the new edition of the Walking Map shows.  I should have used a more magnified image--like that above--to clarify the locations of the trails.)

Note the yellow addition (steps plus path) added to the right of the parking structure--they connect the street where it enters the parking structure with paths above (north), including Trail 1, the trail on the map which goes up to Gibbs.
Walking Map should more resemble this:
I recall SW 52nd between Baird and Brugger as being almost inaccessible even to pedestrians (Steep, and somebody's rock garden!).  And 53rd totally blocked.  Why is part of 53rd shown as purple line?  We all went out and checked this a few years ago:  I think my map is correct.
8 May 2005
The purple area (Oswego Towne Center) is shown as extending too far to the west--it's mistakenly drawn all the way to the access street (in yellow below) rather than to the edge of the shopping area (purple line below).

Condolea is a large development of condominiums, part of Mountain Park development.  It's streets and alleys are all private (I believe).  Many of the courtyards within the condos are behind formidable, high iron fences and behind gates that are always kept locked.

                     See photo below.

The alleyway that goes to the fence next to Oswego Towne Center--looking east from X, Condolea Dr.
The yellow lines are where I believe the center-lines of the driveways within Condolea are located.  (Most: there're more to the west.)
The faint dotted line drawn on the east edge of Condolea is an alley behind the condominiums.  It's just to the west of the fence separating Condolea from Oswego Towne Center.
1. Most of this street (the part of Greenhills under the red overlay) is labeled "PRIVATE" by a sign located at the double red line in the photo below.  At the sign, the street is made narrow by a pair of large planters at the edges of the street.
2. There's an alleyway on the property-line map here.  From the Greenhills side we can find no public path there.
3. There's a constructed path (with some steps) going up from Greenhills into the back yard of the property.  From Greenleaf, any route through that property appears to be strictly private.
4. This is an undeveloped piece of land (apparently not public) on a very steep slope.  There is a very steep, primitive demand path connecting Greenhills with Hewett.  Most people will find it too difficult to tackle.
                       See photo below.
The West Slope Community Library is missing.
A few decades ago, Woods Ct  was walkable as a primitive dirt road.  It got abandoned, it grew over with blackberries, and then 5328 Hewett was built.  I believe the construction closed off the walk route: we couldn't find it from below about 15-20 years ago.  PortlandMaps seems to imply that the ROW's have been vacated (see photo below).

We haven't been down 54th in years.  Perhaps the owner of 5328 has built a private driveway down to Woods Ct?

The designation of various routes according to this classification is often inconsistent, and occasionally very confusing.

The purple "Pedestrian and bicycle off-street path/trail" designation is especially problematic.  An exemplar for this designation would seem to be the new bike/ped trail just north of Hwy 26 and running from Skyline to Camelot.  However, that route is designated the solid-green "Paved or unpaved routes"-- routes that have auto traffic, like Humphrey and Hewett (that's Hewett, not Grant) in the lower right corner of the map below and shown as solid green lines.

The solid purple line designation seems appropriate for the Waterfront Greenway trail along the Willamette across from Ross Island and the gated street in Woods Memorial Park--and so they are shown.  Perhaps appropriate also for the all-but-auto-impassible Wilbard at SW 57th.  But not for the quasi-cliff on 52nd south of Baird, the cross-country bike challenge on Summerville south of Carey, or the auto-friendly streets at 12th & Gaines.  

We seem to need some critical attention to these various colored route designations.